Source: BayernCompHD

Running Time: 8.40 mins

In this video we see what it means to be the COMPLETE goalkeeper. Not only is Manuel Neuer an outstanding shot stopper he has the ability to start attacks with his kicking/throwing abilities, relieve the pressure on his defense as a sweeper keeper and have the confidence in himself to be the best goalkeeper in the world. 

Petr Cech Talks About Preparation and 1v1's

Source: YouTube

Running Time: 2:54 min

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech talks about his pre-match routines that he goes through before each game as well as give his thoughts and tips for goalkeepers facing a 1v1 situation.

Kasper Schmeichel with Kicking Tips for Goalkeepers

Source: Precision Goalkeeping

Running Time: 1:10 mins

Kasper Schmeichel admits to not being able to take his own goal kicks until he was 15 years old and how through constant practice he made one of his weaknesses become a strength.

Correct Diving Technique with Fulham FC

Source: Fulham FC

Running Time: 2:09 min

It is vital the goalkeepers use the correct diving technique in order to be able to make great saves, but also to avoid injury!

Petr Cech On Reflexes and Distribution

Source: UEFA TV

Running Time: 3:48 min

Chelsea FC and Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Čech offers you some of his expert tips with a guide to training drills that will help you improve your goalkeeping.

Maarten Stekelenburg's Handling Tips

Source: UEFA TV

Running Time: 2:55 min

Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg breaks down the handling skills you need to give confidence to your defence.

Dealing With Crosses with Fulham FC

Source: Fulham FC

Running Time: 2:51 min

A fantastic breakdown of how to deal with high balls into the box!

The 'Cup' Technique with Fulham FC

Source: Fulham FC

Running Time: 1:28 min

Shown in this video is the technique used for dealing with awkward shots hit into the goalkeeper's mid-section.

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